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Bob Hoose And His Orchestra
Bob Hoose And His Orchestra
- Directed by Frank Derrick
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Frank Sinatra's music and legendary renditions have always been something of interest for people of earlier generations to turn to. Let's face it, today's pop music sound has become more of an electronic mess rather than real music. Sinatra's tunes usually bring the listener on a journey to nostalgic times where pop music was straightforward, sublime, and more soulful and pure of heart.

Bob Hoose and his orchestra bring back those feelings of yesteryear during the Sinatra musical tribute. The show just wrapped after delighting audiences July 11-13 at the Cuillo Center for the Performing Arts, in Downtown West Palm Beach. If you missed it, fear not, Hoose and his Celebration of Sinatra will be returning August 9 and 10.

This show is something to see for all musical lovers. The song interpretations are indeed soulful, and you'll definitely leave satisfied by an entire night's worth of musical entertainment.

Frank Sinatra tribute: a musical revue
July 31, 2003  -  By Mark J. Namit
Dan Salmasian / Musical Director
Bob Hoose
Hoose's sixteen-piece orchestra masterfully performs 18 of Old Blue Eyes' classic songs in a revue that recreates a specific Sinatra concert that was performed in the Dominican Republic, circa 1982. Along with the beautiful music comes along Mr. Hoose's silky and raucous crooning of these standards. Such notable songs include "Come fly with me," "It was a very good year" and "Just one of those things." Hoose's cool phrasing of lyrics expertly channels the Sinatra spirit.

By being an expert on his classic renditions, Hoose does a fine job avoiding certain characteristics of breath patterns and phrasing of lyrics that Sinatra possessed.

Also worth mentioning is Hoose's jivey interpretation of the famous "West Side Story" medley as the orchestra closes the first half of the show. Using moody reds and blues for lighting, we are transported to the world of the rebellious teenagers of the classic love story as our ears become our eyes filled with sound.

Be sure to catch this show, and you're sure to be swept away by Hoose as he breathes new life into the timeless classics of the one and only: Francis Albert Sinatra.

Bob Hoose And His Orchestra will be performing Saturday, August 9, at 8 p.m. and Sunday, August 10, at 2 p.m. at the Cuillo Centre for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach. Tickets are $26.00.

Dan Salmasian:  Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Bob Hoose: Vocalist / Bandleader
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